Electric Lift Table – ELT50

Electric Lift Table – ELT50

The ELT Series Electric Lift Table make the workplace safer by placing the load at a convenient work and it is rugged industrial lift tables with push-bars and castors. Because the units are mobile, the operator can locate the lift where it is needed. These electric lift table are available in various capacities and travels to satisfy a wide variety of applications. The manual foot pump models have an integrated hydraulic pump/cylinder assembly while a 24-volt DC power unit provides the lifting power on electric battery powered ELT Series.

Performance of ELT50 Electric Lift Table

  • Fully sealed & maintenance free battery.
  • Ergonomically designed lifter/transporter features with electric hydraulic pump to elevate formed-edge platform, reducing strain and fatigue.
  • Used for lifting, transporting, positioning, assembling and stacking.
  • Easy to operate brakes keeps unit stationary while loading and unloading.
  • Heavy duty design and top-quality mast construction.
  • Conforms to CE safety standard.




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