Forklift Drum Gripper – FDG Series

The FDG Series of Forklift Drum Gripper utilize a heavy duty harderned Eagle-Grip single/double automatic clamping mechanism for handling a wide variety of steel and plastic drums either open or closed toped in high volume applications.
Performance of FDG Series Forklift Drum Gripper
  • Utilize a heavy duty Eagle-Grip automatic clamping grabber for handling steel and plastic drums in high volume applications.
  • The clamping mechanisms are completely mechanical requiring no hydraulic or electrical connections.
  • Quick adjustable heads allow pickup of various drum heights.
  • Positive action jaws insure safe transporting of drums without damage to drum chimes.
  • Fork mounted models enable lift truck operators to install/remove the attachment in seconds without any tools.
  • Totally enclosed fork pockets with cam lock secures the attachment to the lift truck.
  • Quick adjustable heads allow pickup of various drum heights.
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Forklift Drum Gripper – FDG Series


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