High Speed Electric Pallet Truck - 2.0 Ton

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    High Speed Electric Pallet Truck - CBD20-490 

    The CBD20-490 Series High Speed Electric Pallet Truckperform an essential role in providing exceptionally cost-effective handling solutions for warehousing, production, logistic centers and many other applications. The offered Load capacities for 2000kg and the maximum travel speed of 11 km/h allow you to select the best solution for a warehouse where the standard Trucks with lower speed are not as efficient.

    With its compact line, rugged low-profile chassis, spring loaded Drive wheel and rigidly fixed castor wheels, this model ensures better stability when cornering with high speed. The safer-surrounded by half cockpit ensure driver safety for travel speed up to11 km/h which leads to higher productivity.

    Performance of CBD20-490 Series High Speed Electric Pallet Truck

    • High running speed 11km/h.
    • ESP-Mute, energy saving, lighter.
    • AC Driving System-Low noise, quiet, without carbon brush and free maintenance.
    • Electric Lifting-Rapid, efficient, electricity limit switch is Standard.
    • AC Controller-Stepless, strong power, multiple automatic protection.
    • Excellent Design-Easily in and out of the double tray.
    • Intelligent Control-Curve automatically slow down, more safety.
    • Safer-Surrounded by half a cockpit, Care for your safety.